Golden Raisins


California grown, Orchard Gold's Golden Raisins are semi-soft, moist with a high sugar content. Their sweet flavor and soft texture make Golden Raisins an excellent ingredient in sweet and savory dishes --especially baked goods like yeast breads, quick breads and cookies braised beef dishes and marinated in white balsamic or apple cider vinegar on salads. Our Golden Raisins are high in B complex vitamins and are a good source of potassium and iron, as well as calcium, copper and magnesium.

Kosher Certified, our Golden Raisins contain small amounts of sulfur dioxide for color retention and as preservative. Keep refrigerated to maintain maximum quality. 
They are available in hand packed and hand sorted one pound gift rounds, 2 or 3 pound gift boxes, five pound bulk and case (12 one pound rounds) quantities.

1 Pound Round$6.002.0 lb
2 x 1 Pound Gift Box$12.003.0 lb
3 x 1 Pound Gift Box$18.004.0 lb
5 Pound Bulk Box ~ Save $1 per pound!$25.006.0 lb
Case (12 x 1 Pound Rounds)$66.0015.0 lb

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