Jumbo California Sun-Dried Apricots


Orchard Gold California Jumbo Dried Apricots are grown in the San Joaquin Valley, tree ripened, hand picked, hand cut and sun dried, resulting in a sweet-tart flavor with a chewy texture. The sun drying process naturally removes water while concentrating all of the flavor and nutrients like Fiber, Vitamin A and C, Iron and Calcium.

Jumbo California Dried Apricot 1-3/8" or larger in diameter on average and are a great choice for use in cooking, baking and for snacking. They are great addition to stuffing in pork loin and poultry, a delicious ingredient for baking muffins, cakes, breads, scones, cookies and pastries, or a versatile snack on their own or in trail mix, mixed with nuts, cereals, grains or chocolate or granola and can be made into a topping, conserve or preserve.

Our Sun-Dried California Apricots are Kosher certified and sulfured to preserve color and freshness. Keep frozen or refrigerated to maintain maximum quality. They are available in hand packed and sorted one pound rounds, 2 or 3 per gift box, five pound bulk and case (12 one pound rounds) quantities.

1 Pound Round$19.002.0 lb
2 x 1 Pound Gift Box$38.003.0 lb
3 x 1 Pound Gift Box$57.004.0 lb
Case (12 x 1 Pound Gift Rounds)$222.0015.0 lb
5 Pound Bulk Box ~ Save $3.50 per pound!$77.506.0 lb

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