Fruit Samplers


California-Grown, Sun-Dried

Choose 3 of your favorite Orchard Gold sun-dried fruit combinations:
- Jumbo Sun-Dried Apricots, Dates & Figs
- Jumbo Sun-Dried Apricots, Dates & Golden Raisins
Jumbo Sun-Dried Apricots, Figs & Prunes
- Sun-Dried Cherries, Dates & Golden Raisins
- Sun-Dried Cherries, Dates & Figs
- Sun-Dried Cherries, Dates & Peaches
- Sun-Dried Cherries, Figs & Peaches
- Sun-Dried Cherries, Dates & Peaches
- Sun-Dried Dates & Figs & Peaches
- Sun-Dried Figs, Peaches & Prunes

Each one pound round will contain 1/3 pound of each of your favorite fruits! They make wonderful healthy snacks or gifts and are great for cooking and baking. Our Kosher Certified Dried Fruits contain small amounts of potassium sorbate and/or sulfur to preserve color and freshness (except for Cherries and Dates).

Keep frozen or refrigerated in an airtight container to maintain quality. Orchard Gold Dried Fruit Samplers are available in hand-packed and hand-sorted, one-pound gift rounds, 2 or 3 per gift box and case (12 one-pound rounds) quantities.

1 Pound Round / Apricots/Figs/Dates$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Apricots/Figs/Golden Raisins$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Apricots/Figs/Prunes$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Cherries/Dates/Figs$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Cherries/Dates/Golden Raisins$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Cherries/Dates/Peaches$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Cherries/Figs/Peaches$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Peaches/Cherries/Dates$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Peaches/Dates/Figs$18.002.0 lb
1 Pound Round / Peaches/Figs/Prunes$18.002.0 lb

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