Olives ~ Italian Style, Sun-Dried, California-Grown


Known as "sotto-sale" (under salt) in Italy, Orchard Gold's California-Grown, Mission Olives are cured in rock salt, washed, sun-dried and soaked in extra virgin olive oil. This culinary art has been all but lost in America. The end result is a meaty, salty olive with a slightly sweet finish. Our savory, Italian-Style Olives are great in salads and sauces, on their own or served with bread. They are available in hand-packed, 12-ounce or one-pound gift rounds (2 or 3 per gift box) or 5-pound bulk box.

12 oz Gift Round$6.001.25 lb
1 Pound Gift Round$8.002.0 lb
5 Pound Bulk Bag$37.506.0 lb

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