Apricots ~ Blenheim


Sweet, Heirloom, California-Grown, Sun-Dried Halves

Orchard Gold California-Grown, Sun-Dried, Blenheim Apricots are grown on one of the last family farms in the Santa Clara Valley, tree-ripened, hand-picked, hand-cut and sun-dried, resulting in a sweet and intense apricot flavor with a soft, chewy texture. The sun-drying process naturally removes water while concentrating all of the flavor and nutrients like Fiber, Vitamin A and C, Iron and Calcium.

The rare and highly coveted Blenheim California Sun-Dried Apricots are 1-2" in diameter on average and are a great choice for use in cooking, baking and for snacking. They are great addition to stuffing in pork loin and poultry, a delicious ingredient for baking muffins, cakes, breads, scones, cookies and pastries, or a versatile snack on their own or in trail mix, mixed with nuts, cereals, grains or chocolate or granola and can be made into a topping, conserve or preserve.

Our Blenheim, Sun-Dried, California-Grown Apricots are lightly sulfured to preserve color and freshness. Keep frozen or refrigerated to maintain maximum quality. They are also available in 2.5- and 5-pound bulk bags.

1 Pound Bag$20.001.25 lb
2.5 Pound Bulk Bag$45.003.0 lb
5 Pound Bulk Bag$85.006.0 lb
25 Pound Box$299.0026.0 lb

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