Almond Butter ~ SOLD OUT!


California-Grown, Dry Roasted

Each Spring, beautiful, delicate white and pink blossoms adorn acres of almond orchards throughout California’s Central Valley. The petals blow away in the spring breezes as the trees leaf out. Soon, silvery-green and furry, the fruit begins to develop.

Small at first, almost invisible among the leaves, the almonds grow during the warm summer. Finally, as Fall approaches, the fuzzy hull opens to reveal the hard, wheat colored almond shell. Once the almonds are fully ripe, they are harvested, hulled, shelled and roasted to perfection. For the true essence of the almond, these toasty nuts are ground to form a smooth, buttery spread. The final product is pure Almond Butter!

California Almond Butter is made from naturally sweet, nonpareil almonds roasted to perfection. The nonpareil almond is the largest and tastiest of all the varieties grown in California. Should your Almond Butter separate from its natural oils, stir up from the bottom using a stiff bladed knife. Take care not to spill the natural oils!

California Roasted Almond Butter 16 oz.$11.001.5 lb

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